Latest News Headlines for Saturday January 27, 2024 – Ukrainian officials have refuted Russian claims that Ukrainian forces downed a military transport plane carrying Ukrainian POWs for an exchange, stating Russia has not provided convincing proof.

The Ukrainian entity responsible for prisoner swaps reported that Russia belatedly shared a list of 65 Ukrainians alleged to have perished in the plane crash in Russia’s Belgorod region on Wednesday, but the evidence supporting the crash’s circumstances remains unsubstantiated.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall described the execution of Kenneth Eugene Smith by nitrogen hypoxia as “textbook” in a recent news conference.

Conducted on Thursday night, this execution was the first instance of using nitrogen hypoxia, a method designed to induce asphyxiation by inhaling pure nitrogen or high concentrations of it. The process was carried out with a gas mask.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremonies took place worldwide on Saturday, amid ongoing anti-far-right protests in Germany and pro-Palestinian marches in Italy.

The U.S. State Department, in a Saturday statement, honored the memory of six million Jews and others, including Roma, Sinti, political dissidents, individuals with disabilities, and LGBTQI+ persons, who were victims of the Holocaust.

A bill to modernize the regulation of the booming oil industry in New Mexico, the nation’s second-largest oil producer, has successfully passed its initial legislative committee review.

The proposed legislation aims to update the state’s 1930s-era Oil and Gas Act, addressing the industry’s rapid expansion and increasing demands for environmental accountability, including air pollution, spills, and the cleanup of equipment and abandoned wells.

A significant multi-vehicle collision on the U.S.-50 Bay Bridge in Maryland Saturday morning resulted in multiple injuries.

The crash occurred around 8 AM on the bridge’s westbound span, spanning the Chesapeake Bay. The Maryland Transportation Authority Police reported that several individuals were transported to hospitals, though the severity of their injuries has not been disclosed.

Mike Weber of Sunrise Farms faced a poultry farmer’s worst nightmare last month when his chickens tested positive for avian flu.

In compliance with government regulations, Weber’s farm in Sonoma County, north of San Francisco, had to cull its entire flock of 550,000 egg-laying hens to prevent the disease’s spread. “It’s a trauma. We’re all going through grief as a result of it,” Weber remarked, standing in an empty hen house.

The family of Nicholas Overfield, a 39-year-old California man with HIV, has filed a lawsuit alleging he was denied essential medication while in jail, leading to his death.

Arrested in February 2022, Overfield passed away in June at a hospital after, as claimed by his family, being deprived of his prescribed antiretroviral medication during his two-month detention at El Dorado County Jail. The lawsuit was filed last week.

Tennessee District Attorney Glenn Funk has dismissed charges against country singer Chris Young, following an incident involving Alcoholic Beverage Commission agents.

Funk announced on Friday that the charges, which included assaulting an officer, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest, were dropped after a thorough review of the evidence. Young’s arrest, which occurred last Monday night, was previously reported by various news outlets.

A passionate Taylor Swift fan from Pakistan set a new Guinness World Record by accurately recognizing 34 of Swift’s songs solely from their lyrics in just one minute.

20-year-old Bilal Ilyas Jhandir faced the challenge of identifying each song based on lyrics read to him without any background music. The songs chosen for the attempt were Swift’s 50 top-selling tracks, presented in a random sequence.

Jhandir succeeded in naming 34 songs within a minute, surpassing the previous record of 27, held by Dan Simpson since 2019.

Speaking to Guinness World Records, Jhandir expressed his lifelong admiration for Swift, saying, “I have been a fan of Taylor Swift since my childhood. I am a die-hard fan. I have listened to every one of her songs and can identify almost any of them just from the lyrics.”