Latest News Headline for Monday January 29, 2024 – The Gaza Health Ministry is calling for the urgent evacuation of over 7,000 injured Palestinians from Gaza for medical treatment, as the conflict with Israel continues amid accusations of genocide.

In a pressing statement, the ministry emphasized, “We urgently need 7,000 injured and sick people to leave for treatment abroad to save their lives.” Additionally, Palestinian authorities are advocating for secure transport of those requiring neurosurgery to the Jordanian Field Hospital nearby.

Following a missile strike by Houthi rebels, a British oil tanker in the Gulf of Aden reported that all crew members are safe and onboard fires have been successfully extinguished.

Trafigura, the company operating the Marlin Luanda, stated, “We are pleased to confirm that all crew on board the Marlin Luanda are safe and the fire in the cargo tank has been fully extinguished. The vessel sailed towards a safe harbor. The crew continues to monitor the vessel and cargo closely.”

Iranian authorities have announced the successful launch of three satellites using a previously malfunctioning rocket, a move Western officials say enhances Tehran’s ballistic missile capabilities.

While Iran insists the launch is part of its peaceful civilian space program, U.S. officials, citing a 2023 worldwide threat assessment, have expressed concern that such launches and satellite development “shortens the timeline” for Iran to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile due to the similar technology used.

In a tragic incident in Los Angeles, an elderly man shot and killed his wife and two adult children before taking his own life in their home.

The Los Angeles Police Department reported a shooting around 7 p.m. in the Granada Hills area. Officers arrived at the scene, where a witness led them to four deceased individuals in a situation described by police as a murder-suicide.

In Pacific, Missouri, a car crashed into a nail salon, resulting in the death of a woman and injuries to three others.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that the incident occurred Saturday afternoon, about 30 miles southwest of St. Louis. Jill Goddard, 61, who was in the salon, was killed, and the 57-year-old driver and two salon patrons were hospitalized with minor injuries.

Two individuals have been arrested in connection with the discovery of an abandoned newborn girl found behind dumpsters in Mississippi last week.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office reported the arrests last Friday on social media but did not provide further details. The infant was discovered wrapped in blankets in a car seat behind dumpsters at the Grove of Cayce mobile home park, near the Tennessee border.

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper, who was violently knocked to the ground during a traffic stop, expressed his gratitude for surviving the ordeal.

The patrol shared dashcam footage on Facebook, showing the moment Trooper Jesse Gregory was struck by another vehicle while he was attending to a stopped car on Interstate 40 near Yukon on January 18th.

Two activists protesting for sustainable food systems attacked the “Mona Lisa” at the Louvre Museum in Paris by throwing soup at its protective glass.

A social media video showed two women, wearing T-shirts with “FOOD RIPOSTE” inscribed, crossing a security barrier to approach Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting and launching soup at its glass shield.

Police and sheriff’s officials say they rescued circus animals including zebras and camels on Saturday when a tractor-trailer hauling them caught fire while traveling on an Indiana highway.

Traffic on northbound Interstate 69 near Marion, Ind., was blocked when the vehicle hauling the animals caught fire at 2 a.m., according to the Grant County, Ind., Sheriff’s Department.

Officials said Indiana State Trooper Edward Titus and Grant County Deputy Joshua Kennedy entered the trailer and were able to rescue the animals. The pair along with a worker for the Shrine Circus in Fort Wayne, Ind., rescued five zebras, four camels and a miniature horse from the trailer.

No animals were injured or missing, but Titus and Kennedy were treated for smoke inhalation.

The preliminary crash investigation by State Police revealed that an equipment failure was the cause of the fire.