Latest News Headlines for Thursday January 25, 2024 – The Federal Aviation Administration has issued comprehensive guidelines for airlines to initiate inspections of their seven-thirty-seven Max-9 aircraft, a step towards resuming their operation.

Following an incident where an Alaska Airlines flight lost a door plug mid-air, the FAA had grounded nearly 200 planes of this model. Alaska Airlines announced its intention to reintegrate some of its seven-thirty-seven MAX planes back into service on Friday after meticulous inspections.

A Russian military aircraft transporting 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war was downed in Russia’s Belgorod region, near the border with Ukraine, as confirmed by Russian authorities.

The Ukrainian POWs were being moved to the Belgorod region for an “exchange,” per a statement from the Russian Ministry of Defense. The Il-76 aircraft also carried six crew members and three Russian military personnel.

The Hoo-thee rebels’ recent attack on a U.S.-registered commercial vessel indicates their determination to persist with their assaults despite multiple U.S. military airstrikes.

The group targeted the U.S.-owned, flagged, and operated commercial ship Maersk Detroit with anti-ship ballistic missiles while it navigated the Gulf of Aden. This information was disclosed in a statement by the U.S. Central Command.

Johnson & Johnson has consented to a $149.5 million settlement with the state of Washington, addressing a lawsuit filed by state Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

Ferguson unveiled the settlement, revealing that Johnson & Johnson is set to pay the total amount in a single payment within the current fiscal year. Out of the settlement, $123.3 million is earmarked for addressing the state’s fentanyl crisis.

In a remote area of the Mojave Desert, deputies discovered the remains of six individuals at a dirt crossroads. The scene was so grim that local TV stations in Southern California chose to blur parts of the images taken from their helicopters.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies, conducting a welfare check, arrived at the location off Highway 395 near El Mirage at approximately 8:15 p.m. Tuesday. They found five bodies initially, with a sixth body discovered on Wednesday morning, as relayed by sheriff’s spokesperson Mara Rodriguez.

In Northern California, a woman was rescued after spending nearly 15 hours stranded atop her overturned pickup truck amidst rushing waters of a swollen creek.

The California Highway Patrol Air Operations helicopter team safely transported the woman to shore after she attempted to cross the flooded creek in a park. Shaun Bouyea, a flight officer and paramedic with the California Highway Patrol, remarked on the woman’s incredible survival throughout the 15-hour predicament.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has labeled social media a “public health hazard” and an “environmental toxin,” advocating for the protection of youth from online harms.

A city advisory highlighted a decade-long decline in the mental health of New York’s youth. Data from 2021 indicates that 77% of the city’s high school students spend over three hours daily on screens for non-homework-related activities during weekdays.

A groundbreaking gene therapy study has restored hearing in children with a hereditary form of deafness.

Co-conducted by researchers at Mass Eye and Ear, a specialty hospital in Boston, the clinical trial focused on six children with DFNB9 genetic deafness. This condition arises from OTOF gene mutations that prevent the production of otoferlin, a crucial protein for conveying sound signals from the ear to the brain.

Employees at a library in Maryland were astonished to discover an unexpected item in their return box: a Pink Floyd CD borrowed in 1989.

The Prince George’s County Memorial Library System revealed that the Laurel Branch Library staff were taken aback when they found a Wish You Were Here CD, overdue by 35 years, in their returns.

The CD, which had been missing for so long that it no longer appeared in the library’s digital records, was anonymously returned, leaving the identity of the patron who brought it back unknown.

Despite the significant delay in its return, the library confirmed that no fines would be imposed, as the institution has adopted a policy of not charging late fees.