Unbiased headline news in for Friday October 27, 2023 – United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has urgently called for a humanitarian ceasefire amidst the Israel-Hamas conflict.

He strongly denounced the brutal actions by Hamas militants in Israel on October 7th but emphasized, “These terrible attacks should not be used to justify the collective punishment of the Palestinian people.” Nevertheless, Israel continues its bombing campaign on the Palestinian territory controlled by Hamas, and the possibility of an Israeli ground invasion of Gaza remains. Israel’s UN ambassador called for Guterres’ resignation after he made the cease-fire appeal.

Following the three-week speaker stalemate, some New York Republicans are determined to proceed with a formal resolution to remove embattled Representative George Santos, a Republican from New York.

Santos’ New York House colleagues initiated this measure last week after federal prosecutors added new charges to an existing federal indictment, accusing Santos of fraud and conspiracy. New York Republicans anticipate moving forward with this measure as early as this week.

Sources familiar with the negotiations have revealed that Ford Motor and the United Auto Workers union (UAW) have reached a tentative agreement aimed at ending the strike at Ford.

Spokespeople for both Ford Motor and the union declined to comment on the tentative deal. This agreement includes a proposal for wage increases of at least 25% over the duration of the deal and enhanced benefits for union members.

The Biden administration recognizes a 2024 opportunity with the new Republican speaker, Mike Johnson.

President Joe Biden’s response to Johnson has been courteous, emphasizing cooperation, but his campaign’s rhetoric was more critical, dubbing him “MAGA Mike” and echoing his efforts to single out a segment of Trump-aligned Republicans as “MAGA” extremists.