Latest News Headlines for Monday October 30, 2023 – Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant asserts his country’s only recourse is self-defense, asserting that Hamas underestimated the resolute nature of the Israeli populace.

In harmony with other Israeli leaders, he contends that Israelis have no alternative, emphasizing, “This is a formidable and potent asset,” Gallant conveyed to a select group of journalists during a one-hour roundtable in his Tel Aviv office last Friday.

In an illustration of increasing desperation and the erosion of public order during the third week of the Israel-Gaza conflict, thousands of people stormed aid depots in Gaza, making off with flour and essential hygiene items, as reported by a U.N. agency.

Robert Mardini, the Director-General of the International Committee of the Red Cross, shared on “Face the Nation” last Sunday that three truckloads of medical supplies, medical equipment, water, and sanitation materials reached Gaza that day. “While this is encouraging, it’s just a drop in the ocean of requirements,” Mardini commented.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, Russian air defense thwarted over 30 Ukrainian drones over the Black Sea and the Crimean peninsula on Saturday night.

“The existing air defense systems neutralized 36 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles over the Black Sea and the northwestern part of the Crimean peninsula,” the ministry announced via Telegram. In the southern Krasnodar region adjacent to the Black Sea, local authorities reported a fire outbreak at an oil refinery during the early hours of Sunday, but the cause was not specified.

Approximately three months before Robert Card’s deadly rampage at a rural Maine bar and bowling alley, where 18 individuals lost their lives and 13 were wounded, he attempted to purchase a silencer for a rifle at a local firearms store, as confirmed by the store owner.

Rick LaChapelle, the proprietor of Coastal Defense Firearms, recalled, “Our staff handled the situation admirably, allowing him to complete the form before conveying, ‘I’m sorry, Mr. Card, but due to the responses you provided, we cannot release this silencer to you at this time.'”

The judge presiding over the case of former President Donald Trump’s January 6th trial has reinstated the gag order she had initially imposed on Trump after a brief suspension of the limited gag order earlier this month.

U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, on Friday, October 20, temporarily suspended the restricted gag order she had placed on the former president earlier in the week, following his appeal. Trump had entered a not guilty plea in August to charges related to an alleged “criminal scheme” to overturn the 2020 election results.