Latest News Headlines for Tuesday November 21, 2023 – With the busiest Thanksgiving travel season ever anticipated, airlines are gearing up for a surge in passengers, and many Americans are preparing to travel by road for the extended weekend. However, stormy conditions could derail the plans of millions.

The Southern states, particularly Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, are bracing for severe storms, including potential tornadoes, on Monday night and Tuesday. The Weather Channel meteorologist Chris Warren also warns of the possibility of hail the size of golf balls.

In light of escalating Middle East violence, the FBI, state, and local authorities are raising alerts about heightened threats of a terror attack in New York City.

Governor Kathy Hochul is responding by bolstering security and enhancing the staffing of the Joint Terrorism Task Force. This follows a threat assessment from the New York State Intelligence Center, indicating that unrest in Gaza is stirring discussions about targeting New York. The center has also noted a rise in antisemitic and anti-Palestinian rhetoric on social media, contributing to an uptick in hate crimes against Jews, Muslims, and Arabs.

As the Thanksgiving holiday nears, there’s an increase in RSV and influenza cases, contrasting with last year’s trend where cases were threefold higher.

Dr. Liz Placzek advises families on simple preventive measures to mitigate the risk of illness during the holiday. Key steps include basic hygiene practices like hand washing and covering coughs. Additionally, for those visiting high-risk individuals for COVID-19, conducting a home test beforehand is recommended.

A tragic incident in Suriname claimed at least ten lives following the collapse of an illegal gold mine on Monday.

Rescue teams, along with police and military personnel, rushed to the rural southern region where the mine is located. Miners had constructed their own tunnels in search of gold, a common practice in the country. The cause of the collapse remains unclear.

In a shocking development, a 77-year-old Texas attorney, Ronald Lewis, faces allegations of smuggling drugs into the Harris County Jail in Houston.

Authorities apprehended him on Friday, alleging that he used legal paperwork laced with ecstasy and synthetic marijuana to pass drugs to inmates. Found with suspected narcotic-laced papers during his arrest, Lewis is now under investigation.

A federal probe into a vast fentanyl ring has led to the arrest of 11 more suspects, bringing the total to 23. This extensive operation involved illegal sales and distribution of fentanyl across several states, including California, Maryland, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Authorities have confiscated over 40 pounds of fentanyl powder, approximately 250,000 pills, and 30 firearms, among them six machine guns, as part of this crackdown.

American Airlines flight attendants are pushing for the right to strike, potentially disrupting travel during the Christmas and New Year’s period.

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants, frustrated by stalled contract negotiations and lack of raises since 2019, has petitioned the National Mediation Board to declare a deadlock and authorize a strike following a 30-day cooling-off period. However, American Airlines asserts that a strike over the holidays is highly unlikely.

Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood witnessed another mail theft incident, leading to the re-arrest of 36-year-old Gustavo Balleza.

He was apprehended on Monday in the vicinity of Francis W. Parker School by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and the Chicago Police Department. Balleza, found with stolen identifications, burglary tools, and bank cards of victims, faces charges related to mail theft.