Latest News Headlines for Thursday January 4, 2024 – The United States has urgently called on the U.N. Security Council to take decisive action against Yemen’s Houthi rebels for their repeated attacks on ships in the crucial Red Sea trade route.

Deputy Ambassador Christopher Lu emphasized during an emergency council meeting that the Houthi rebels have carried out over 20 attacks since November 19. Despite losing 10 fighters in a recent confrontation with U.S. forces, the rebels declared they had targeted another container ship on Wednesday.

In Iran, two explosions occurred minutes apart, targeting a commemoration for a prominent general killed in a U.S. drone strike in 2020.

The attacks resulted in at least 103 casualties and 141 injuries, adding to the tension in the Middle East amid Israel’s ongoing conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip. While no group immediately claimed responsibility, Iranian state media labeled the incident a “terroristic” attack, raising concerns about the region’s stability.

Ukraine’s major cities, Kyiv and Kharkiv, faced a barrage of Russian missiles overnight, causing four deaths and nearly 100 injuries, according to Ukrainian officials.

This attack followed significant aerial assaults between Russia and Ukraine in recent days. During Monday’s assault, residents sought shelter in subway stations as Russian Kinzhal hypersonic missiles struck the Ukrainian cities, as reported by the Associated Press.

Hezbollah leader Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah issued a stern warning to Israel, stating that launching a full-scale war on Lebanon would come with a “very costly” price. Nasrallah emphasized that the assassination of a senior Hamas leader in Beirut would not go unpunished.

During a live video speech at a rally commemorating Iranian General Qasem Soleimani’s fourth anniversary of assassination, Nasrallah made it clear that Lebanon’s response to a war would be without limits, ceiling, rules, or restraints.

In a shocking incident, a Nevada judge was attacked during a felony battery case. The assailant leaped over a defense table, landing atop Judge Mary Kay Holthus.

The violent altercation sparked a brawl involving court officials and attorneys. Captured on video, Judge Holthus sustained injuries but was not hospitalized. A courtroom marshal who intervened was hospitalized for a bleeding gash on his forehead and a dislocated shoulder. This highlights the unpredictable challenges in courtrooms, urging a reevaluation of safety protocols.

An Idaho man was arrested for stealing a plane from a North Las Vegas hangar, flying it over 100 miles to a southern California airport, and eventually fleeing into a desert area when questioned by officers.

The man, currently in custody in San Bernardino County, faces charges related to the possession of a stolen airplane and transporting stolen property across state lines.

Authorities are currently investigating the theft of medications prescribed to patients at a southern Oregon hospital. The incident, brought to light last month when officials at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford reported their suspicions, involves a former employee who is believed to have stolen medication.

According to a statement from Medford Police Geoff Kirkpatrick, there is concern that this behavior may have resulted in adverse patient care, although the full extent of the impact on those patients is yet to be determined. The investigation is ongoing.

Mortgage rates have recently plummeted, presenting new opportunities for homebuyers previously hindered by high borrowing costs.

While many forecasters anticipate further rate decreases, the Federal Reserve’s expected cut in its benchmark interest rate this year adds a layer of uncertainty. This poses a dilemma for buyers: whether to seize the current favorable market conditions promising substantial gains or wait for the potential emergence of an even more favorable market.