Unbiased headline news in 60-seconds for Tues Nov 7, 2023 – In response to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, the United States has taken significant steps to increase its military presence in the Middle East.

This strategic deployment of Defense Department assets in the region is a deliberate effort by U.S. officials to serve as a deterrent, with the primary objective of preventing the conflict from evolving into a larger and potentially more destabilizing regional war. Benjamin Wright reporting.

Despite growing international criticism of Israel’s extensive offensive in Gaza, the majority of Israelis, spanning the political spectrum, remain steadfast in their belief in the justness of the war.

Continuously facing rocket and missile attacks on multiple fronts, they have little tolerance for criticism regarding the toll the conflict has taken on the other side, and have united to defeat Hamas, which breached Israel’s borders from the Gaza Strip. Chris Anderson reporting.

Senate Republicans are pushing for significant restrictions on asylum and other immigration programs as part of an emergency funding package requested by President Biden.

The package also includes billions of dollars for Ukraine, Israel, and other national security priorities, according to an outline of the senators’ priorities released on Monday. A memo from Republican Senators Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton, and James Lankford delineates the Senate GOP’s border policy demands during negotiations over the Biden administration’s $106 billion national security supplemental request. Lyle White reporting.

During an exclusive interview with ABC News “World News Tonight” anchor David Muir, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged his share of responsibility for intelligence failures. Netanyahu stated, “Of course, that’s not in question.

It will be addressed after the war. I believe there will be an opportunity to assess that.” He added, “It’s an important question because the government’s primary responsibility is to protect its people, and it’s evident that we fell short in that regard. We encountered a significant setback.” Kyle Norris reporting.