Latest News Headlines for Wednesday January 17, 2024 – The Biden administration is considering reclassifying Yemen’s Houthi rebels as a global terrorist organization in reaction to their attacks on commercial vessels in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, as per an informed official.

This Iranian-supported group was initially labeled as a terrorist organization in January 2021, a decision that sparked concern among humanitarian organizations. They feared that the accompanying restrictions would severely hamper efforts to deliver aid to Yemen’s impoverished population.

The United States has executed another airstrike, targeting a Houthi missile facility in Yemen, as reported by U.S. Central Command.

“Around 4:15 a.m., U.S. Forces successfully hit and obliterated four Houthi anti-ship ballistic missiles ready for launch in Houthi-controlled Yemen,” U.S. Central Command announced. This marks the third U.S. military strike against Houthi targets, prompted by the imminent threat these missiles posed to merchant ships and U.S. Navy vessels, according to two U.S. officials.

Former President Donald Trump achieved a record-breaking victory margin in the Iowa caucuses on Monday, highlighting his widespread popularity in the initial stage of the 2024 Republican nomination process.

The previous Iowa GOP caucus record, since the start of the modern primary system in 1972, was set by Sen. Bob Dole in 1988, who surpassed evangelical leader Pat Robertson by 13 points. Dole garnered 37.4% of the votes, compared to Robertson’s 24.6% and George H.W. Bush’s 18.6%.

ABC News and WMUR have decided to cancel their scheduled Republican primary debate in New Hampshire on Thursday due to insufficient candidate participation.

This cancellation followed the deadline imposed by ABC News and New Hampshire’s WMUR for responses from former President Donald Trump and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley regarding their debate invitations. Neither campaign confirmed their attendance by the specified Tuesday afternoon deadline.

A plane taxiing for departure clipped another aircraft at Chicago O’Hare International Airport on Sunday evening, as confirmed by the Federal Aviation Administration on Monday. No injuries were reported.

Boeing is facing increased scrutiny following recent mechanical issues and the grounding of its Boeing 737 Max 9 model after an emergency exit door malfunction led to an emergency landing last week. The cause of Sunday’s incident and its potential link to manufacturing defects remain unclear.

James Dolan, CEO of Madison Square Garden Entertainment and owner of the New York Knicks and New York Rangers, faces allegations of sexual assault and trafficking in a new lawsuit filed in Los Angeles on Tuesday. The lawsuit also accuses Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault.

The federal lawsuit claims that Dolan and Weinstein, on separate occasions, sexually assaulted massage therapist Kellye Croft in 2013 and 2014 while she was working with the band the Eagles. Representatives for both Dolan and Weinstein have publicly denied these allegations.

Senator Chuck Grassley, currently the oldest active member of the U.S. Senate, is undergoing treatment with antibiotic infusions at a hospital for an infection, according to a statement from his office.

The 90-year-old Iowa Republican is reportedly in good spirits and is expected to resume his duties following his doctor’s advice. Intravenous antibiotic treatments are typically used for serious infections or those not effectively managed with oral antibiotics.

The parent company of Burger King, Restaurant Brands International Inc., is set to acquire its largest franchisee in the U.S., Carrols Restaurant Group Inc., in a deal valued at approximately $1 billion. This acquisition includes plans to renovate numerous locations.

Restaurant Brands International Inc. will purchase all shares of Syracuse, New York-based Carrols Restaurant Group Inc. that it doesn’t already own for $9.55 per share. Carrols operates 1,022 Burger King restaurants across 23 states, representing about 15% of all U.S. Burger King locations, and also manages 60 Popeyes restaurants.

An issue of The Amazing Spider-Man No. 1, dated March 1963, recently fetched a staggering $1.38 million at auction, setting a new record.

This iconic comic, showcasing Spider-Man’s initial interaction with the Fantastic Four, is one of only two known copies graded as Near Mint/Mint 9.8 by the Certified Guaranty Company.

Released just seven months following Spider-Man’s first appearance in Amazing Fantasy No. 15, this issue was sold by Heritage Auctions for an unprecedented $1.38 million, surpassing the previous record of $520,380 set in July 2023 for the same title.

Additionally, the auction featured a copy of Superman No. 1, which sold for $2.34 million, and a 1942 issue of All Star Comics No. 8, marking Wonder Woman’s debut, which garnered $1.5 million.