Unbiased headline news in 60-seconds for Wed Nov 15, 2023 – On Tuesday, Senate Democrats advanced a resolution to expedite the approval of numerous military nominees. This move is a strategy to circumvent Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s obstruction, stemming from his opposition to a Pentagon abortion policy.

Sen. Tuberville’s comprehensive hold on confirmations and promotions of high-ranking military officers has stalled nearly 400 military nominations, a number that continues to rise. Despite criticism from both parties and pressure from fellow Republicans, the senator from Alabama remains steadfast in his opposition to the Pentagon’s abortion policy.

The U.S. government, according to the White House on Tuesday, possesses intelligence indicating that Hamas has utilized Gaza hospitals, including the Al-Shifa Hospital, for military operations and hostage-holding.

John Kirby, spokesman for the National Security Council, disclosed this information aboard Air Force One as President Joe Biden traveled to the APEC summit in San Francisco. Israel has faced criticism for its military actions near Gaza hospitals, particularly Al-Shifa Hospital, under the claim that Hamas was using these locations as military command centers.

The Israel Defense Forces announced that they conducted a “targeted and precise operation” against Hamas at the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza.

This ground operation, guided by intelligence and operational necessity, was initiated after Israel repeatedly cautioned Hamas against using the hospital as a base. The IDF’s statement came early Wednesday, shortly after a Gaza health ministry spokesman reported an Israeli warning of an impending raid on the Shifa hospital complex, as per Reuters.

Ahead of an impending Friday deadline, the House, in a bipartisan decision, passed Speaker Mike Johnson’s proposal to prevent a government shutdown.

With a final tally of 336-95, the vote saw more Democrats (209) than Republicans (127) supporting the interim funding bill. Over 90 Republicans opposed the bill, which required a two-thirds majority to pass. The bill now advances to the Senate, where leaders have signaled their support and promised swift action.