Latest News Headlines for Monday January 22, 2024 – The death toll in the Gaza Strip, as reported by the Hamas-run Health Ministry, has exceeded 25,000 due to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Despite this significant loss of life and extensive destruction, the Israeli government’s objectives to dismantle Hamas and secure the release of over 100 hostages remain unfulfilled. The Israeli authorities predict that the hostilities may persist for several additional months, given the current situation.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and a breast cancer survivor, has also been diagnosed and treated for malignant melanoma.

Her representative confirmed, “Sarah, Duchess of York, after her early-stage breast cancer diagnosis this summer, has now been treated for malignant melanoma.” The diagnosis came as several moles were removed and examined during her reconstructive surgery following a mastectomy, as per her representative’s statement.

In Germany, massive demonstrations erupted nationwide, with an estimated 250,000 individuals protesting against the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

The protests were sparked by a January 10th report from Correctiv, revealing that AfD representatives convened with extremist groups in Potsdam in November. Discussions at the meeting reportedly included the forced removal or “remigration” of foreigners and Germans of migrant heritage.

Moscow-appointed officials reported that Ukrainian shelling resulted in at least 27 fatalities and 25 injuries on Sunday at a marketplace on the outskirts of Donetsk, a city under Russian control in eastern Ukraine.

Ukrainian authorities in Kyiv have not issued any statements regarding the incident, and The Associated Press has not independently verified these claims. Amid the almost 2-year-old conflict, both parties have increasingly resorted to long-range assaults due to largely static front-line positions across the 930-mile stretch.

An air ambulance helicopter crash in Oklahoma late Saturday night claimed the lives of three crew members.

The incident was reported near Weatherford after Air Evac Lifeteam lost contact with the helicopter crew just before 11:30 p.m. According to a company statement on Sunday, the crew was en route back to their base in Weatherford, located 70 miles west of Oklahoma City, after completing a patient transport to the capital.

A “domestic-related shooting” in a suburb outside Chicago resulted in four fatalities on Sunday.

A suspect was apprehended on the same day, as announced in a social media post by the Tinley Park Public Safety Department. Tinley Park, a village with a population of around 55,000, is situated approximately 30 miles southwest of Chicago. Police were actively investigating the residential area where the shooting occurred on Sunday afternoon.

In Killington, Vermont, 23 skiers and snowboarders were rescued from frigid conditions over the weekend after losing their way in the backcountry.

Killington police, responding to a call around 2:30 p.m., utilized hiking, snowshoeing, and skiing with skins to cover approximately 5 miles and safely retrieve 21 lost individuals. The operation took place amid single-digit temperatures, as reported on the police department’s Facebook page.

Recently disclosed audio recordings reveal that the Marine Corps contacted 911 after an F-35 fighter jet disappeared over South Carolina in September of the previous year.

The incident, referred to as a “mishap” by Marine Corps officials, occurred in the Lowcountry region of the state on September 17, 2023. The pilot managed to eject from the jet and safely parachute into a residential area in North Charleston, according to military reports.

Michigan firefighters swiftly responded to save a deer stuck in the icy waters of a frozen pond.

The city of Wyoming shared on Facebook that their firefighters were called into action when a deer broke through the ice on a pond near 52nd Street.

The city posted a photo depicting a firefighter cutting through the ice, creating a route for the deer to be safely pulled to shore.

The city used this incident to emphasize the importance of vigilance around bodies of water, cautioning that ice can be deceptively thin, posing risks to animals and children alike.