Sens. John Kennedy, R-Louisiana, and Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, presented the bill, which is formally titled as the Ending the Notorious, Aggressive and Remorseless Criminal Organizations and Syndicates or NARCOS Act.

The Senate Judiciary Committee includes Kennedy.

“We must use every available tool to demolish and demotivate Mexico’s cartels. Kennedy said in a statement that designating these murders as foreign terrorist organizations will offer American authorities more weapons to employ in jailing the cartels and the networks that support them.

If the measure is approved, a task force will be created to go after cartels and drug traffickers, including those who import fentanyl into the country.

There are fatalities of Americans on both sides of the border. In addition, Americans are dying from addiction on this side of the border, according to Kennedy, who specifically mentioned the lethal narcotic.

The Immigration and Nationality Act would designate nine different Mexican cartels as terrorist groups, according to the law.