Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserted on Saturday that there would be no “permanent ceasefire” in Gaza unless Hamas’ military and governing capabilities were neutralized.

After Biden’s three-part ceasefire speech, Netanyahu issued an initial statement that did not reference Biden’s speech, stating, “The Israeli government is united in the desire to return our hostages as soon as possible and is working to achieve this goal.” Opposition leader Yair Lapid endorsed Biden’s call for a Gaza truce.

The African National Congress party lost its parliamentary majority in a historic election result on Saturday, setting South Africa on a new political trajectory.

With nearly 99% of votes counted, the once-dominant ANC had garnered just over 40% in the election held on Wednesday, falling well short of the majority it had maintained since the famed all-race vote of 1994 that ended apartheid and brought it to power under Nelson Mandela. The final results are yet to be formally declared.

North Korea launched additional trash-carrying balloons toward the South after a similar campaign earlier in the week.

South Korea’s Defense Ministry did not immediately comment on the number of balloons or how many landed in South Korea. South Korea’s Yonhap news agency, citing anonymous military sources, reported that officials had found about 90 balloons as of Saturday night, which dropped paper, plastic trash, and cigarette butts.

New York City police said on Saturday that they had 34 people in custody following a pro-Palestinian protest at the Brooklyn Museum.

There were reports of damage to some artwork and harassment of security staff by demonstrators. Hundreds of protesters marched to the museum on Friday afternoon, set up tents in the lobby, and unfurled a “Free Palestine” banner from the building’s roof before police intervened and made arrests.

An Idaho jury sentenced Chad Daybell, the man convicted this week for the 2019 murders of his first wife and second wife’s two children, to death.

55-year-old Daybell was charged with murder and conspiracy in the deaths of the two children, 7-year-old Joshua “JJ” Vallow and 16-year-old Tylee Ryan, as well as his former wife of nearly 30 years, Tamara “Tammy” Daybell, 49, with whom he had five children. She died in their home on October 19th, 2019, with the cause of death determined to be asphyxiation, according to investigators.

The National Transportation Safety Board stated that an inactive but still pressurized gas line was cut six minutes before a devastating explosion rocked downtown Youngstown, Ohio.

The blast occurred near Central Square last Tuesday afternoon and impacted a building that contains a Chase bank and apartments. One person was killed, and seven others were injured in the explosion, officials said. The explosion occurred approximately six minutes after workers made two initial cuts into piping along the basement wall, Chapman said.

Police officials in Lakeland, Florida, are reviewing an incident in which officers punched and tased a black teenager after he allegedly trespassed at an apartment complex pool.

The officer claims in the report that after making physical contact with the teen to bring him into custody, the teen struck the officer in the face with a closed fist. In cell phone video of the incident, two officers can be seen punching, pulling the hair of, and tasing the teen before he submits to being handcuffed.

The stock price of former President Donald Trump’s social media platform Truth Social experienced turbulent swings in the aftermath of his conviction.

In the immediate aftermath of the verdict, the stock price of Truth Social plummeted roughly 15% to a price of about $47. The stock recovered in after-hours trading, however, rallying above its pre-verdict level to about $52.