News Headlines for Monday November 27, 2023 – Under increasing scrutiny from Israeli citizens over his management of the Gaza conflict, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a heavily armored visit to the area.

Netanyahu, in body armor and a tactical helmet, was seen smiling in a photograph, pointing to an unclear document. During his tour, he participated in security briefings with military leaders and troops and inspected a tunnel Israel claims Hamas used. Netanyahu firmly stated, “We are continuing until the end – until victory.”

In a powerful display of solidarity, hundreds of thousands rallied across Britain on Saturday in pro-Palestinian demonstrations, advocating for an enduring cease-fire in the ongoing Gaza conflict.

In cities like London, Manchester, and Glasgow, protestors held aloft “Free Palestine” placards. Particularly in Manchester, activists outside a Barclays bank branch protested, brandishing signs that read “Palestinian Blood on Barclays Hands,” denouncing the bank’s supposed investments in arms manufacturers supplying Israel.

In the backdrop of the Gaza conflict, Israeli software firm Wix has launched a website dedicated to anti-Hamas propaganda.

The official Hamas website,, is currently not operational. Based in Tel Aviv, Wix has acquired, data from GoDaddy reveals. The domain, established in December 1999, had been previously occupied by cybersquatters since around 2000. The site now welcomes visitors with a prominent message advocating for the liberation of Palestine.

Karachi, Pakistan, faced a tragedy on Saturday when a fire ravaged a shopping mall, resulting in at least 11 deaths and 22 injuries, as per local authorities’ reports. Karachi Mayor Murtaza Siddiqui confirmed these numbers in a social media statement.

Rescue operations managed to save around 30 individuals, while six of the injured are in serious condition and have been hospitalized. Authorities are still investigating the possibility of additional people trapped, even though the fire is now extinguished.

A violent incident in Burlington, Vermont, left three college students of Palestinian descent wounded on Saturday night. The assailant, described by police as a white male, shot at the students without any verbal exchange.

The Burlington Police Department’s preliminary findings indicate the shooting took place outside a relative’s home where the students were visiting for Thanksgiving. The gunman is still at large, as reported by the authorities.

A grim discovery awaited deputies in North Carolina on Sunday responding to reports of gunfire: four individuals fatally shot at what seemed to be a campsite for the homeless.

Sampson County Sheriff’s Capt. Eric Pope, in his preliminary analysis, suggested a scenario of triple homicide followed by the shooter’s suicide. Found near a tent at the end of a secluded road near Autryville, the deceased included two men and two women.

The aftermath of a landslide in Alaska has led to a sorrowful conclusion with the discovery of an 11-year-old girl’s body, bringing the total fatalities to four, state officials announced.

The body of Kara Heller was located on Saturday evening after a search dog signaled towards a specific area of debris. The Alaska Department of Public Safety, in their Sunday announcement, noted that the death toll included other family members of Kara Heller, all found at the same location last Tuesday.

Television producer Marty Krofft, renowned for his influential work in children’s programming, has passed away at the age of 86.

Celebrated for creating beloved TV shows like “Land of the Lost,” “H.R. Pufnstuf,” and “Donny and Marie,” Krofft died on Saturday at his home in Los Angeles due to kidney failure. His passing was confirmed by his representative. Krofft, often hailed as the King of Saturday Mornings, rose to fame in the 1970s alongside his brother, Sid, under their joint venture, Sid & Marty Pictures.