Israeli airstrikes in Gaza targeting Hamas and a potential ground assault could lead to increased calls for violence in the United States, according to a recent intelligence assessment from the Department of Homeland Security. The assessment also notes that targeted violent attacks might rise as the conflict continues. A separate memo sent to law enforcement agencies in Washington, D.C., asserts that the ongoing escalation in the Israel-Hamas conflict will likely heighten the threat of terrorism and targeted violence within the United States.

An Israeli Defense Forces tank accidentally fired and struck an Egyptian post near the Kerem Shalom border area, as stated in a Sunday announcement by the IDF. An investigation is currently underway to review the incident’s details. During the ongoing clashes in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, fragments from an Israeli tank shell accidentally hit an Egyptian border watchtower, resulting in minor injuries to some border watchmen.

The Iraqi military and Kurdish Peshmerga forces engaged in a brief clash on Sunday, revolving around control of a strategically important military post. This confrontation resulted in the unfortunate loss of three lives, according to Iraq’s military spokesperson. The dispute stemmed from disagreements over control of three vacated posts previously held by Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants. It further highlights the fragility of the alliance between the Iraqi military and Kurdish Peshmerga forces in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region within federal Iraq.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which has been providing assistance to those trapped in Gaza, is on the brink of running out of critical fuel necessary to sustain its humanitarian efforts. UNRWA, the largest humanitarian agency in the Gaza Strip, is currently providing shelter for approximately 500,000 people out of nearly 1 million displaced by the Israel-Hamas conflict.