Elon Musk, who recently took over Twitter, asked the platform’s users in a poll whether he should step down as head of the company.

The poll ended early Monday morning with most respondents voting in favor, with 57.5% voting yes and 42.5% voting no. Over 17 million votes were cast in the informal referendum on Musk’s leadership, which has been marked by mass layoffs, the replatforming of suspended accounts, the suspension of journalists, and rapid policy changes.

In response to the poll, rapper Snoop Dogg created his own Twitter poll asking if he should run Twitter, which received over 1.3 million votes with 80% saying yes.

Despite the poll results, Musk denied having a new CEO in mind and stated that the challenge is finding someone who can keep the company alive.

Some speculate that venture capitalists and friends of Musk, such as Jason Calacanis and David Sacks, could be on the shortlist to take over as CEO if Musk steps down.

The poll and its results have created uncertainty for advertisers, who make up a significant portion of Twitter’s business, and have led to a decline in Tesla’s stock.