Wed Oct 25, 2023 Latest News Headlines in 60-seconds. American military officials aim to steer Israel away from the kind of brutal, urban combat the US experienced against insurgents during the Iraq War. This effort is to prevent the Israelis from becoming entangled in bloody house-to-house fighting as they prepare for an assault on Gaza.

Instead of launching a full-scale ground assault on Gaza, which could jeopardize hostages, civilians, and escalate regional tensions, US military advisors advise Israelis to employ a combination of precision airstrikes and targeted special operations raids.

In history, President Joe Biden will be the first sitting White House occupant not to appear on the primary ballot of his party in New Hampshire early next year.

According to a primary calendar initially proposed by the president himself, South Carolina will become the first state to hold a primary awarding delegates for the Democratic National Convention in Chicago next year. New Hampshire has been pushed further back in the party’s calendar.

According to court documents filed on Tuesday, an off-duty Alaska Airlines pilot stated that he had consumed “magic mushrooms” approximately 48 hours before authorities claim he attempted to shut off a plane’s engines midflight.

Joseph Emerson, during a midair scare aboard a San Francisco-bound flight, told investigators that he believed he was dreaming and wanted to wake up. In state court on Tuesday afternoon, Emerson, 44, pleaded not guilty to 83 counts of attempted murder and one count of endangering an aircraft.

Yocheved Lifshitz, one of two elderly hostages released by Hamas on Monday, recounted that she “went through hell” and was beaten on the day she was captured. However, she also mentioned that she shook hands with a Hamas militant upon her return because she had been treated well during captivity.

Lifshitz was abducted with her 83-year-old husband Oded from their home at the Nir Oz kibbutz near the Gaza border. She, however, was not held in captivity with Oded, who remained missing on Tuesday.