Dailycast SoCal is Coming!

Dailcast SoCal

Get ready, Southern California! Dailycast is coming this fall. Dailycast SoCal is launching in the Fall of 2024. News, weather, entertainment, and talk radio revolving around Southern California. Serving Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, Palm Springs, and the surrounding areas.

Dailycast SoCal is an innovative type of media that we like to call interactive radio. This is because we’re allowing our audience to play a significant role in the content of the radio programming. This includes the content online and on our radio schedule. We will have an easy way for listeners to share their opinions, news, events, and content simply by uploading their audio with the click of a button.

Along with our Southern California newscasts, weather, entertainment, and talk shows, our radio programming will include a substantial amount of content from listeners like you. Our platform will allow you to submit content with your phone in high-quality audio.

We’re working diligently on the grand launch with a dedicated website and live radio stream. Dailycast SoCal will be available on a variety of platforms, apps, syndicated radio stations, and more. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the launch.

Dailycast SoCal promises to be a unique and engaging experience, blending traditional radio programming with user-generated content. By allowing listeners to contribute their voices and perspectives, Dailycast SoCal aims to create a truly interactive and localized radio experience for Southern California. With its focus on news, weather, entertainment, and talk shows tailored to the region, Dailycast SoCal is poised to become a go-to source for local information and entertainment. Get ready to be a part of this exciting new venture! “We’re Bringing SOCiAL to SOCAL!”™

We’re excited about all the changes that are happening around here! If you haven’t heard about our other major announcement regarding Dailycast Newstalk; read all about it here!