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Dailycast News Version 5

Dailycast Syndicated Radio News

Completely revamped.

More news services.

New Resources!

New file access.

Extended members page.

Expanded news files available.

NEW! Totally Revamped Newscasts!

New Unbranded Imaging ready for your station’s logo


New shorter news intros!
Newscasts go right into the news!
Sounds just like it’s coming from your station!

NEW! Your Commercials Can Run On Newscast!

Reach the studio

You asked for it, we deliver! News formats no longer have times listed in titles i.e. “News in 4-minutes” “News in 60-Seconds”. This now allows stations to insert their own local commercials in newscasts.

Sample of new format intro:

Quicker intro. Unbranded and sounds like coming from your newsroom

Sample of new format intro with custom lead in:

Custom intro. You can add a track just before the news to sound like your own newsroom

NEW! Now FOUR Newscasts Everyday!

Get through your radio schedule with news updates!
FOUR newscasts instead of one!
We have a template schedule to stretch these further throughout your day!

NEW! Short Headline Updates Throughout the Day.

We provide imaging ready for your logo!

Place short news updates in-between songs or during commercial breaks. Clean intros: “These are some of the headlines we’re working on” (sounds like coming from your own news dept!

NEW! Access to 24-hour live stream

Dailycast Radio News Service

If you need to fill some schedule time, patch into this!


Many asked for it. We now have *FTP file access for those that have scheduling software that can automatically take files via FTP. News file are available quicker with FTP. *This option only available on annual Premium Plan !


YOU ASKED FOR IT! All news files are compressed into a zip file and delivered daily all at once. Now you can drop all newscasts into your schedule folder so your radio software can air the newscast files throughout the day. Schedule it once, drop the files in daily! It can’t get any easier!

Plus Much more And FREE membership to The Radio Guild!

Radio Guild/Dailycast Membership


Order the Premium package and get a variety of bonuses for free! It’s like getting the news service for FREE!!


  • This radio industry membership is worth the cost!
  • Comes with a variety of tools and resources!
  • Helps with growing your station, marketing, promos and more!
  • All included in this plan!

and more!



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Here’s the Dailycast difference. There are radio news services that barter. What they don’t tell you is this only applies to high listener/high traffic stations. They also fill the newscast with ads. Other news service providers are branded and sound like news services. Dailycast sounds like your own news department. We are white labeled, unbranded. Our newscasts sound like yours and our licensing allows you to brand it as your own. For pennies a day we provide you with your own news department!