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Less than 33 cents a day!

Unbiased news; white labeled to fit any radio station brand!

Fully costumizable with optional personalized intros

A daily newscast package for stations to call their own!

Optional Static URL links that auto-update each day.

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Unbiased News

No left or right slant. No editorials. Just the facts. National news that can match any radio programming format.

Unbranded News

Get 4 full newscasts daily, Multiple headlines throughout the day. Breaking news all unbranded white-labeled for your station.

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Breaking News

Our service includes breaking news. We have you covered 24/7. When news breaks, we'll get the news story to you.

33 cents a day

Your radio station will have its own news department for *Less than 33 cents a day. Zero maintenance. *Based on Premium pkg.

Multiple Newscasts!

Get a variety of daily newscasts, headlines news and updates to cover your daily schedule! DropBox delivery!


Optional Premium unbranded news player Wordpress plugin!


Comes with 60-sec, 4-min, Live news stream. With or without live news feed. Light/dark theme.

WordPress newscast player plugin

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