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Welcome to Name Your Price

Name Your Price

How it works

If you’re in no rush to get your service completed and don’t mind having you’re order set later in the queue; you can save up to 90% on your service!

‘Name Your Price’ is based on clients that are in no rush for their order and will let others ahead of them. You can then set a price that could be accepted by us and save you a lot of money!

The listed price on each product or service is the already-low-price set by us based on the order immediately placed in the current work queue. Our listed prices are already much lower that the average industry rates.

‘Name Your Price’ allows us to even out the work load to get services performed in a timely manner. On average, the ‘Name Your Price’ clients will wait a few more hours longer than the clients who instantly order their service. During high demand or peak hours, the ‘Name Your Price’ orders may need to wait until the next day for their service to be completed. There are other times that the ‘Name Your Price’ orders get processed right away because there are no other orders in the queue.

Sale Items

In most cases, services and products are not available for the ‘Name Your Price’ option. This is because sale prices are as low as we can go. There are a very few exceptions where we do accept a ‘Name Your Price’ offer on a sale item. You may have to wait much longer for a ‘Name Your Price’ service to be completed on a sale item because of high queue orders.

We’ll Let You Know Either Way

Not all ‘Name Your Price’ offers are accepted. Most low-ball offers will not be accepted so it’s best to come close to the listing price in order to get your offer accepted. Please understand that our current listed rates and sales rates are much lower than the industry standard. This includes those discount gig sites.

Abuse Of The System

We are providing this service and option for the benefit for all our clients. The system is monitored and we put safeguards in place to make sure abuse does not happen. We consider abuse as clients that constantly and repetitively use the ‘Name Your Price’ feature and ‘low-ball’ on every purchase. We consider “low-balling” as constantly naming a price that is way under the listed price.

Constant ‘low-ball’ abuse requires additional processing, bandwidth, manpower and unnecessary email use that costs us more money, in-turn forces us to raise rates. Clients that constantly and repetitively ‘low-ball Name Your Price’ will be banned from the service for 24-hours up to permanently.


If you have other questions regarding our ‘Name Your Price’ features, feel free to fill out a support ticket and we’ll be happy to assist you.