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For over 30 years, Allen Edwards has been in radio broadcasting. From anchoring news, producing morning shows to afternoon drive time, Allen has worked at many radio stations throughout the west coast.

Mr.Edwards now anchors your daily news program for your website or app users. Quality news programming that would cost thousands to produce, maintain and stream.

It’s now available for your radio station. Quality content that is white labeled just for you.

Quality Content

Unlike other news services that claim they are unbiased; Dailycast Radio News strictly sticks to the facts. We don’t secretly push a left or right agenda. We don’t push personal opinions or editorials. Some so-called “unbiased” news outlets will write and present news with a slant that pushes an agenda that you may not be aware of.

Spend time on running your website, app or radio station. Let us provide you with quality programming that compliments your hard work.

High quality news breaks that includes unbiased national news updates that keeps your visitors informed and entertained.

All news updates are automatically updated and required zero maintenance on your part. This service saves time and money while adding entertainment to your website, app or radio station.

Multiple National News Services

News anchor Allen Edwards in Dailycast Studio A

4-minute newscast service, 60-seconds newscast service, breaking news service, news updates and more. Quality national news. Unbiased, unbranded ready for your radio station


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