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In-content advertising that blends in with our programming to keep the attention of the audience.

Key Benefits:

1. Audio Goes Everywhere: No reading, no watching. Audio spots go with the audience. Online, on devices, on-demand, live, vehicles and numerous platforms.

2. Personalized Audio: Forge a deep connection through the personal touch of auditory engagement, fostering a sense of intimacy and responsiveness.

3. Ubiquitous Accessibility: Capitalize on the perpetual nature of audio – accessible anytime, anywhere, and across various devices, ensuring your message reaches a diverse audience.

4. Effortless Campaign Management: Empower your advertising endeavors with a user-friendly ad-serving tool, simplifying the orchestration of your campaigns. Explore our digital audio marketing solutions, designed to bridge brands and their audience by leveraging a premium portfolio of publishers across the expansive landscape of digital audio.

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“Our Advertising distribution reaches a wide variety of platforms all at once.”

Sharron R - The Radio Guild

stats and distribution.

We distribute with a suite of broadcast brands, multiple streams (live and on-demand), third-party platforms and available on numerous devices. Unlike online advertising (banner, social, text, video ads); audio advertising reaches extended devices including vehicles.

Our two broadcast brands (Dailycast Syndicated Radio News and Dime Club Radio) all have their own social media distribution, live broadcasts and on-demand broadcasts.

That means in most plans TWO TIMES the distribution all in one advertising campaign. 2X on-demand streams. 2X live streams and 2X social blasts and updates on third-party platforms including:


Facebook   Spreaker
X   Streema
TikTok   TuneIn
Instagram   OpenRadio
Youtube   Castbox
Pintrest   MicMill
LinkedIn   MyTuner
Radio Guild   Apple Podcast
Websites   Audacy
PlayerFM   RadioNet


PLUS - SiriusXM iHeart Radio and Pandora (available in Platinum Pkg). Coming soon- AM/FM station advertising will be available from many of Dailycast's subscribing news stations.



Unlike other content distribution, our informational content is 'sticky'. 'Sticky content' refers to content published on a website or platform, which has the purpose of getting users to return to that particular website or hold their attention and get them to spend longer periods of time on this site or platform.

Our newscasts, talk shows, business motivational content keeps our dedicated audience coming back several times a day throughout the week. Unlike one-time clickbate content, our media is information-oriented, quality and substantial. This means that your brand is embedded and constantly reminds our audience what you are offering.

Our average listener is a college graduate, keeps up with current affairs, business oriented, likes to keep up with latest trends and technology. This average user logs into social media account(s) several times a day, keeps up with our content throughout the week and makes a good income or working to get a growing income.

The average listener's age range is 30 to 60 (Dailycast News) and 25 to 45 (Dime Club Radio). Most are politically moderate or centrist and do not absorb slanted media (left or right). They keep up on finance/business news, they're hard working and like to travel.

Products and services that fit well with our content are; software products and services, information websites, music stations/websites, business services/products, gig services, reading material, mobile app products, AI services and products, latest trend products/services, travel services, trending websites, automobile products/services, entertainment events, sporting sites/events. We do not allow any adult material or slanted media controverial viewpoint websites.

Radio Guild Magazine readers are media industry professionals, radio station owners, personalities, DJs, podcasters and other audio professionals. Since this is also available to the public, many others outside the industry read this.


Amazing national distribution on a variety of platforms:

"This is an incredibly convenient way to generate a national radio ad campaign."

Ellie Butler



We have prepaid, flat-rate plans that makes it easy for you to order, create and implement your advertising campaign in minutes. No per-click, no bidding no budgets. One price, easy setup and that's it!

Frequently Asked Questions


1.Simply Order Radio Ad Plan Order Magazine Ad Plan
2. Complete the short advertising form, attach material, 15-second scripts and/or info, hit submit.

That's it!


Each order form has the details of the advertising packages.


The basic radio plan rotates runs for 7-days. The magazine plan runs for 15-days. Both includes extra advertising like social media blasts and website ads.


Yes. Just attach the 15-second audio file on the advertising form, attach the mp3 file of the commercial you created and then submit.


The majority of the ads are mid spots (middle of newscasts of Dailycast News). Placement also includes rotation on live streams, on-demand mid spots and social media mid spots. Some ads include social media video content, banner ads, links and posts. Magazine runs on Radio Guild Magazine.


You can CONTACT US and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Order Radio Ad Plan Order Magazine Ad Plan